Capital has a deep understanding of the Automotive & Machinery industry thanks to relevant M&A processes in which it has participated and long-lasting relationships within the sector. Players in this industry, which historically have been single-brand local operators, are gradually shifting towards more robust business models with multi-brand portfolios and geographic diversification across several countries and regions. Other players have also taken advantage in developing adjacencies, such as Finance & Insurance, which yield substantial synergies with its core activity, thus maximizing their profitability. Inorganic growth is a fundamental tool for continuous growth in this industry.

Additionally, relationship management with OEM manufacturers is a key success factor for local dealers. In general, a great deal of the added value by dealers relies on the global brand’s strategy and success, as well as on the trading conditions negotiated with the manufacturer. Manufacturers play a crucial role in mergers or acquisitions of their dealers, turning themselves in key stakeholders in every process.

Sectors in which Capital has experience in this industry include, among others:

  • Heavy Duty Trucks Dealers.
  • Aftermarket Distributors.
  • Motorcycle Distributors.
  • Construction Machinery.
  • Rental Car Companies.
  • Tire Retail Chains.
  • Vehicle Dealers.